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The 80s was a great time for huge hair, big shoulder pads, short mini skirts, to be a Madonna wannabe and overall enjoy great music. If you love 80s music hits that were either major (or minor) hits, you would enjoy this list.
Who loves a good horror movie? I definitely do. If you are too scared or easily frighten this lens is not for you. if you love to watch a good horror movie on a Friday night with your Family or a friend this lens is for you. These movies are a must see and you can add to your DVD horror collection!
The British Invasion took place in the 1960's as multiple rock and roll bands from Great Britain "invaded" the United States with their music. Among those groups were the ever popular Beatles (pictured), the Dave Clark and the Rolling Stones just to name a few
Home Alone is a pretty funny movie. As a movie with a great cast of characters and actors/actresses,this movie is a classic. I laugh at the same dumb silliness every time I watch it.
This movie is about Eisenheim (Edward Norton) the illusionist who first becomes interested in magic as a child after meeting a traveling magician along a road. The magician performed many tricks for the young Eisenheim and supposedly disappeared before Eisenheims eyes.
An American film written by John Hughes, the movie stars Martin as a high strung marketing executive and Candy as a chatty, hyper shower curtain salesman who get stuck traveling together from New York City for a few days while Neal ( Martin) tries to get home to Chicago
Not feeling well, Miss Marple's nephew sends her to Barbados for a bit of a holiday. She finds the holiday a bit boring until one of the elderly guests, Major Palgrave, is found dead.
Thirteen At Dinner is an Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot mystery which was originally titled Lord Edgware dies. This particular adaptation stars Peter Ustinov as Poirot, Jonathan Cecil as his sidekick Hastings, Faye Dunaway as Lord Edgwares wife Jane Wilkinson, and David Suchet (himself a Poirot portrayer) as Inspector Japp.
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