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Halloween fun for adults is just that! Halloween gets the kiddies excited! However, adults can get their fair share of excitement on this holiday too! Hold on, not the door to door "trick or treat" scream, most importantly, have great food that fits with this creepy day. So just relax, you can host a party - costume party and have fun!
Here's how:
Have you ever wondered what to do with a paper clip?
Most people have paper clips at home, but I have no idea what they can really make with them.
This page shows a list of cool stuff you can make with just paper clips.
Quick Pet Peeves.....When you're making a phone call to customer service and they ask you to type your account number, birth date, last 4 of your social, birth weight of your first born....('to make the call faster') - and then when you get a 'live' person, they ask you for your account number again?Your corner convenience store changes shifts at 5:00 - when changing shifts at 4:45 would make the
With just a few days left for the big night, it's a busy preparation time for most people. Even important is to come up with some creative and inventive ideas. Yes, it's Halloween and people are busy shopping selective costumes to sport the right look on the day. When it comes to shop for Halloween costumes, you must select costumes which not only make you look original, but you stand a good chan
Christmas is right around the corner. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Beer Pong playing loved one? Then this list is for you. We guarantee there's something on here that they would absolutely love.
Every month I post my Squidoo earnings on this lens. I wrote it to give new squids a realist view of how much people can earn writing on Squidoo. I wrote it in a funny way in order to keep the reader interested.
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