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The 80s was a great time for huge hair, big shoulder pads, short mini skirts, to be a Madonna wannabe and overall enjoy great music. If you love 80s music hits that were either major (or minor) hits, you would enjoy this list.
The British Invasion took place in the 1960's as multiple rock and roll bands from Great Britain "invaded" the United States with their music. Among those groups were the ever popular Beatles (pictured), the Dave Clark and the Rolling Stones just to name a few
Sharing my opinion on Miley Cyrus's new hit single "We Can't Stop." "We Can't Stop" is the new lead single by 20 year-old former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus. It is the first song we have heard from Miley in three years and will be the first single for her fourth upcoming studio album.
A Review on the Interactive music learning course PianoForAll. PianoForAll is a accelerated interactive course that will speed up your piano playing.The course includes interactive video, audio examples and PDF instruction books.
Headphones are a very important piece of DJ equipment, yet with all the headphones available on the market - it can be confusing to know which one to get.
This squidoo lens highlights the characteristics you need in DJ headphones and gives you 5 of the best DJ headphones to buy.
Flower Boy Next Door is a Korean drama that premieres on January 7, 2013. This drama is about a girl who hides from the world, remaining inside most of the time. She is caught spying on her attractive neighbor by another attractive man.
This article provides a selection of se7en merchandise, including necklaces, posters, shirts, and more.
Psy Gangnam Style Utterly Addictive No 1 video on YouTube. Gangnam Style by Korean Singer Psy is breaking all records on YouTube, Most Liked, Fastest to 400 Million Views and will dethrone Justin Bieber as top YouTube Video of all time before Xmas.
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