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It's a lens about the introduction to the world of digital photography for the beginner, amateur photographer. There's a discussion about the fundations of digital photography and how to choose a great camera, what's the difference among dslrs and point and shoot cameras, and also some introductory concepts about photography, like exposure - aperture, shutter speed, ISO - and light, and lenses.
If you have a DSLR camera and would want to get the most out of it, these are the best dslr camera courses you'll find. They are suited for beginners and intermediate photographers alike.
If you're looking for a great digital camera that costs under $300, here are some of the best compact point and shoot cameras that are easy to use and take great photos.
To use photos in your article is very important so why not use free photos ?! You don't need to take some random photos from google and risk to be banned from Squidoo or your ad agency because some people have thought at this and offer free photos for you to use in any project you want as long as you provide a link back!

In my article you will find the best sites with great free photos portfo
A visual guide to assessing the precise age of your Olympus Trip 35, the compact 35mm film camera made by Japanese company Olympus between 1968 and 1984.

The lens is fully illustrated with photos and instructions as to where to find your camera's date stamp and written by an Olympus Trip 35 enthusiast!
Cameras have come a long ways since the days of the old browning if you don’t know what that is ask your dad or maybe your grandpa. Cameras today are one of the simplest things to use and get great results without having to be difficult to use. Today you can get point and shoot digital cameras that take amazing quality pictures that have opened up photograph to so many average people than ever be
A lens that details how to document the street art in your area by taking photographs of it and sharing it online. The article features photographs of graffiti found in various urban areas of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
You can see landscapes every where especially on vacations, That is becaues almost everything is a landscape.

Do you like to take pictures of the places you have been?
Here are some tips tricks and hints for the average camera man
or any aspiring nature photographer

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