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This adorable Under Construction Comforter and Sham Set not only looks great but also encourages imaginative and creative minds. The colorful trucks on the comforter are quilted and then outlined to make them stand out and also features the name of each truck on a blue ground, while the reverse is covered with dark blue tires.
This lens is about all the ways you can purify water in emergency situations, or while out camping. You can live for almost a month without food, sometimes longer--but less than a week without water! And while that stream or lake may look clean, it probably isn't. Knowing how to get clean water with little or no supplies is a life saving skill, and this lens covers everything from fancy filters t
I remember the fun my kids had making their own soda when they were young, they thought it was magic! Today's SodaStreams are much slimmer, more stylish and offer more options than before. The model we are reviewing here is the SodaStream Source in black.
This lens is about the most valuable book I own--Practical Suggestions for mother and housewife. It was published in 1910, but I raised my kids, chose my careers and learned how wonderful it is to be an old fashioned, feminine woman from this book. The housekeeping tips, recipes, values and parenting tips are still as good today as they were then. The career advice is priceless as well. A Must Re
I really enjoy creating steampunk jewelry and fashions, reading steampunk novels, listening to steampunk music and I am writing a steampunk novel of my own. The steampunk universe is so diverse and cool, you never run out of things to discover. I will be writing more steampunk lenses about different things, including some craft projects.
This Squidoo Lens highlights this book that I authored. This book was written to explain how to set up an online investing account and to use stock screener filters to pick good dividend and regular stocks for your newbie portfolio. Book includes brief history of the stock market, explanation of brokerage firms and financial professionals and how they charge fees, and how to set your goals and wo
This Squidoo Lens consists of 50 poll questions. Lensmasters can take the questions to earn extra points.
This Squidoo Lens provides an overview of the steps and resources I used when I published my first book. It discussed different book formatting, the need for a website and social network accounts, and the things I learned along the way.
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