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This Squidoo Lens reviews my experience in choosing a website hosting package and domain name for my personal site. I chose GoDaddy because of the convenience of going to just 1 website to buy and register my domain name, choose a package that I liked for the website hosting services for that domain, and the free website building tools. The Domain names were relatively cheap. I also saved money
This Squidoo Lens highlights this book that I authored. This book was written to explain how to set up an online investing account and to use stock screener filters to pick good dividend and regular stocks for your newbie portfolio. Book includes brief history of the stock market, explanation of brokerage firms and financial professionals and how they charge fees, and how to set your goals and wo
This Squidoo Lens consists of 50 poll questions. Lensmasters can take the questions to earn extra points.
This Squidoo Lens provides an overview of the steps and resources I used when I published my first book. It discussed different book formatting, the need for a website and social network accounts, and the things I learned along the way.
This Squidoo Lens provides and overview of the Cisco Certified network Associate (CCNA) Information Technology professional certification exam. I have taken this exam myself. I have provided learning resources for others on this lens.
This Squidoo Lens provides an overview of the EC-Council Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator professional Information technology certification and exam. I took this exam in 2012.
This Squidoo Lens provides an overview of the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Information Technology professional certification exam. I took this exam in 2012.
This Squidoo Lens provides a review of our trip to Scotland in 2012. I hope you enjoy the pictures and reviews of the main sites we visited - including 6 castles.
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